"Kruger's ATA has been in my life for four years. In my opinion, this school is a Godsend. The owners and instructors truly care about our children. They instill life skills such as respect, loyalty, honesty, confidence, and honor (just to name a few) that our children will carry with them for their entire lives. Personally I depend on them as much as the children do. Because of them I don't have to worry about my child while I am at work. I know that she is well looked after, taken care of, her homework is done, and she is safe; and that in itself, is priceless in my eyes."

Sarah Collom

As I sit here watching my daughter smiling and enjoying something she loves, I have to thank Kruger ATA. When we started our journey January 2013, I was unsure of how everything worked. The instructors took the time with my daughter who was only 5 at the time. She is now in the summer camp, and never wants to miss a day. The best part about that is I have no worries that she is being taken care of. The after school program I could not ask for any more out of the instructors. They help her with her homework, she gets a snack, and most importantly she is very well taken care of. I don't have to sit at work worried, that something is going to happen to her. The best part about the school is how many friends she has made. She is in other activities, but she will tell you Taekwndo is her all time favorite.

Angie Hamer

"Since starting TaeKwonDo, Christopher has shown across the board increases in his abilities. He is stronger and has increased endurance and enhanced physical capabilities. He is able to act independently and has the confidence to do things we never dreamed possible for him. I would highly recommend any child with a disability try the Krugers."

Leigh Anne and Kevin Adkins

Amazing environment. Wonderful instructors.

Dwayne/Vanessa Perkins

“The Kruger's have been a part of my life for 4 years. The care & concern for my children are always a top priority. To say I never have to worry is a understatement. They know my kids scheduled better than I do. I honestly could not imagine life without them." Amanda

" Dakota has learned better self control and leadership skills that he uses everyday. We also love the family atmosphere that the Kruger's have brought to their school."

Bob & Brenda Finley

I Love Kruger's ATA Taekwondo!!! They have done wonders for My daughter who continues to thrive!!! Thank You!!!

Gina Hunt