Instructors & Leadership Students

Mr. John Kruger, Owner

John is a 5th Degree BlackBelt in Songahm TaeKwonDo and a Blue Belt in Japanese JuJitsu. A 1999 DHS Graduate, he has never left Danville. With a background in sales and a mind for puzzles, he is great at problem solving and learning complex things. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and playing cards. Mr. Kruger loves learning new things and has also dabbled in Judo, Brazilian JuJItsu, Ground Fighting, Weapons Defense, Pressure Point & Joint Manipulation, and much more!

Mrs. Jen Kruger, Owner (and Little Man)

Jen is a 3rd Degree BlackBelt and keeps our school running and organized- as well as the lights on! As owner of Kruger Funeral Home a few blocks off, she is fantastic at multi-tasking and running events. She sits on numerous boards and service organizations, cannot say the word "no," and in her very little spare time enjoys reading.

Mr. Bob Finley

3rd Degree BlackBelt

Bob is a 3rd Degree Blackbelt and formerly held the title of oldest student (but he lost that one)! He lives in Tilton with his wife Brenda and son Dakota, works as a mechanic at Vermilion Chevrolet Cadillac, and is a very active member of the Tilton County Board. In his spare time he enjoys playing cards and working on his drag car.

Mr. Garrett Williford

3rd Degree BlackBelt

Mr. Christopher Adkins

3rd Degree BlackBelt

Mr. Wade Bryant

3rd Degree BlackBelt

Garrett is a Danville native and a recent DHS graduate in 2022. He is currently attending DACC with a goal of going into the criminal justice program.

Christopher was our first ever Special Abilities student. He walks with a reverse walker yet does everything except the jump kicks and jump spins. He lives in Covington with his parents and younger sister. Christopher enjoys doing 5K races on his Ambuc's bike.

Wade is also a Special Abilities student who has been with us for over ten years. He is unable to spar due to heart conditions but loves self defense and weapons of all kinds. Wade likes to mow lawns for his neighbors and family friends and has a firm, strong Christian faith.

Due to health issues (he is in need of a kidney and heart transplant), Wade is currently taking a hiatus from teaching and carefully attending classes.

Miss Katie Adkins

3rd Degree BlackBelt

Miss Paige Lipa

3rd Degree BlackBelt

Mr. Ashton Norwell

2nd Degree Recommended BlackBelt, Posthumously 

Katie was our youngest student ever to start our program when she began following Mrs. Kruger around at 2 years old. She is Christopher's little sister and attends Covington schools where she is part of the Junior High Honor Society. She also plays softball,  travel ball, and basketball. 

Miss Paige has been with us since she was 6 years old and attends with her Grandpa, and both of her younger siblings. She enjoys swim, softball, and is an animal lover.

Ashton was taken from us too soon just shortly after his twelfth birthday. He was born with a heart defect and his heart stopped suddenly while he at school. He had been on track to not only enter the Leadership program but also earn his second degree. We awarded both to him (his father accepted on his behalf) posthumously. 

Mr. Tyler Sanders

2nd Degree BlackBelt

Mr. Ian Fitzgerald

2nd Degree BlackBelt

Mr. Martin Lipa

2nd Degree BlackBelt

Tyler has been with us for over six years now and takes the award for tallest student at only fifteen years old! Tyler attend First Baptist school and lives in Danville with his parents-oen of whom was friends with Mrs. Kruger when she was younger! He enjoys Star Wars, spending time with his family, and is currently learning to drive!

Ian began with us with he was eight years old and is a very quiet, intellectual soul who is wise beyond his year. He enjoys playing board and strategy games, as well as basketball. Mr. Kruger and he like to challenge each other in chess whenever they have a chance. He attends the local Schlarman school and lives in Danville with his parents, younger brother, and older sister (who is away at college).

Martin is currently our oldest student and is everyone's Grandpa! He is the owner of Country Carpentry and Priority 1 Real Estate & Auctions in Belgium. He has owned and sold numerous businesses throughout the years and holds more licenses than you can imagine! Martin lives in Covington with his wife Mary, and his grandchildren are also instructors-Paige and Parker!

Mr. Cameron Kropp Morris

Color Belt

Mr. De'Mario Kropp Morris

Color Belt

Mr. Elijah Brown

2nd Degree BlackBelt

Cameron has only been with us for about two years now, but feels like he's grown up with us forever! He attends Southview Middle School where he also likes to try new clubs and sports. His brother De'Mario is also an instructor, and younger brother Elijah attends as well. His Mom is a foster parent who has the biggest heart, so he has itty bitty siblings at home as well. 

De'Mario has also been with us for two years (big brother of Cameron and Elijah), and he attends North Ridge MIddle School. He is also a sports fanatic and enjoys playing football and basketball. 

Elijah started with us five years ago when he was only 7. He lives in Danville with his Mom, Dad, and older sister and attends Schlarman Academy. He enjoys playing basketball and baseball, and just being outdoors, though he also has a soft spot for video games. He loves going fishing with Mr. Kruger when he can finagle an invitation, and is very close to not only the Kruger's, but several of the longtime students. 

Mr. Kyler Lowe

2nd Degree BlackBelt

Mr. Conner Nasser

1st Degree BlackBelt

Mr. Dan Nasser

1st Degree BlackBelt

Kyler started with us six years ago at the young age of 6 years old. He has grown up a lot since then! Kyler attends with his younger brother and sister, is a Leadership Student, and his mom is one of our After School Coordinators. Kyler enjoys legos, his Nintendo switch, and attending basketball games with his Dad. He lives in rural Georgetown with his parents and is home schooled.

Conner attends our program with his Dad and his little sister Eleanor. Mom is currently out with back issues but hopes to return someday! Conner is homeschooled and enjoys video games and computer games. He can also be found reading, which is one of his favorite pasttimes and part of school.

Mr. Dan attended our school years ago when it was Dolan's BlackBelt Academy, and came back a few years ago to finish what he started! As a US Army Veteran, he is highly respected by all of us at Kruger's. 

Achieving his first degree, he now has his sights on higher ranks! A mechanic and construction worker during the day, Mr. Dan has strength and power in all that he does. 

Mr. Eli Fitzgerald

1st Degree Black Belt

Mr. Aiden Herron

Color Belt

Miss Eleanor Nasser

Color Belt

Eli is the younger brother of Mr. Ian who started with us when he was 5 years old. A little ornery but very well behaved, he is quiet like his brother and very smart. 

Aiden is one of our newer Leadership students who lives in Catlin with his little sister and Mom. They recently got their first pet- a puppy whom they all adore. Aiden is a good student, a hard worker, and enjoys a good Nerf War, video games, and hanging out with his friends.

Eleanor is the daughter of Mr. Dan and Mrs. Heather, and the little sister of Conner N! She likes doing crafty stuff like Mom, and has her own style. She has no fear and likes to be the one in charge. Eleanor is also homeschooled. 

Mr. Layne Nesbitt

Color Belt

Miss Isabella Trussel

1st Degree Black Belt

Mr. Parker Lipa

2nd Degree Black Belt

Layne has only been with us a couple years, but again feels as though he has been family forever! He is a great student who currently attends Trinity Lutheran and he enjoys playing baseball and basketball. He is an only child with a huge heart and a love for dogs-his family actually fosters. 

Isabella has been with us for five years since she was 7 years old. Her older brother also attended until he achieved his first degree-which isn't enough for Bella! Bella loves to cook, help her Mom with her Pampered Chef business (she is great at making videos), and take care of her cat. She is a good student and likes to read-above her grade level too! She lives in Danville with Mom and Dad, as well as her older brother.

Parker is Martin's grandson and Paige's little brother! He has been with us since he was only three years old and was the first in our Tiger Program to earn every belt! Parker also likes to swim, is a 100% boy who likes to roughhouse and play outdoors, and knows no fear. 

Mrs. Heather Nasser

Color Belt

Mrs. Heather is a Jeep girl through and through, also a US Army Veteran, and is a woman who is not afraid to stand up for herself and speak her mind! She is the wife of Dan, and Mommy of Conner and Eleanor. She has multiple degrees and currently works for CRIS Senior Services. Heather has a side business and makes amazing custom ash trays, chess sets, cups, and more. Dealing with some back issues, she is currently on hiatus from both classes and teaching.