About Our School

Our Location

440 N. Walnut Street

Danville IL, 61832

Phone: (217) 442-2282

You can find directions and contact us using our contact page.

About the Danville School

Since 1995, the ATA Black Belt Academy of Danville has produced hundreds of Black Belts, State and National Champs, and successful individuals.  Formerly known as Dolan’s Black Belt Academy, the school has changed ownership and locations, but never it’s main focus-Every Child Is A Winner and Every Kid is Special.

Purchased in 1999 by Mr. Don Roesch and in December of 2008 by John and Jen Kruger, Kruger's ATA loves kids.  With over 90% of our classes made up of children under the age of sixteen, we believe that children are our future and we do our part in making them safe and giving them the tools they need to be successful in all that they do. Our classes are designed to not only promote the physical aspects of TaeKwonDo and Self-Defense, but also the mental aspects referred to as Life Skills that are so important in life-Self Control, Respect, Discipline, Courtesy, and Integrity. 

Children are not our only priority however…we hold combined classes nightly for teens and adults, with a slightly different focus-strength building, flexibility and coordination training, and of course-weight control.   Parents are also encouraged to attend classes with their children to encourage bonding and hobby sharing.

Now centered close to downtown Danville, with over 11,000 square feet of space, we can teach any type of student-including those that may have a physical challenge.  Our classes are open to anyone who wants to learn, and our tuition due dates and payment plans are flexible for those that need a little assistance.  Don’t believe us?  Come by and visit us today!