After School Program Coordinators

Mr. John Kruger

Chief Instructor

Mrs. Jen Kruger

Asst. Chief Instructor

Ms. Ashley Metz

ASP Program Team Lead/Manager

It's Mr. Kruger again! Mr. Kruger is almost 42, and has been doing TaeKwonDo for twenty-one years now. He likes new challenges, the outdoors-golfing, fishing, and hunting, video games, strategy board games, the Casino, and he has a soft spot for both his wife and the two doxies they own. He is super close with his entire family, as well as Mrs. Kruger's parents and brother. 

We're back to Mrs. Kruger again! Mrs. Kruger is the planner & organizer behind everything that you see at the school. She does schedules, payroll, new student signups, plans events, parties, testings, and places orders. She does all the school shopping and lines up about 90% off all the camp activities and trips. When she isn't here you can find her at the funeral home a block away, where she is the sole owner. Jen is obsessed with her doxies and likes to read, do 5K races, and shop. 

Ms. Ashley is an ATA Mommy to Kyler, Bransyn, and Gracelynn. She is back in school taking accounting classes and is Mrs. Kruger's right hand here at the school. She loves to craft on the side and is very creative. Ashley lives in Georgetown with her longtime beau Jared. 

Miss Rhiannon Shaw

Program Coordinator

Mrs. Deb Turner

ASP Driver

Ms. Nicole Long-Shaw

ASP Driver/Program Coordinator

Rhi is actually Mrs. Kruger's cousin! Rhi is twenty years old and was a 2021 Westville High School graduate. Rhi also did dance and cheerleading for many, many years (and was great at it).

She earned multiple scholarships and attends DACC where she is working towards entering the Nursing Program. Rhi has a huge heart and is very soft spoken. She lives at home with her Mom and younger brother, and also works at Mike's Grill part time. 

Mrs. Deb lives in Danville with her husband and is retired from Carle where she worked as a Radiologist for many years. She has two children and a handful of grandchildren, as well as a furchild who is very spoiled as well! 

Nicole is also Mrs. Kruger's cousin and Miss Rhi's Mom! Nicole worked for many years at Carle until medical issues forced her to leave. She then spent the years raising her children-Rhi and Ryen. Now that they're older she is back in the working world!

Nicole enjoys traveling, iced coffee, and hanging out with those she loves!

Miss Hannah Smith

Program Coordinator

Miss Chelsea Finnell

Program Coordinator

Miss Brooke Kelly

Program Coordinator

Hannah is a 2023 Bismarck Henning Rossville Alvin graduate. She was Valedictorian and earned the President's Scholarship to attend DACC where she is currently in her second semester. 

Hannah's ultimate goal is to be an Architect. She lives in Bismarck with her parents and younger brother Noah.

She holds a 2nd Degree BlackBelt and is a Trainee Instructor.

Miss Chelsea is a newbie! With three kids under three, and three more in school, she was ready to get back to the working world!

She makes her home in Chrisman and is blessed with a great support group to help raise her tribe. While being a stay at home Mom was fun and rewarding, all Mom's need time to themselves and we're thankful to have her with us!

Miss Brooke is friends with Miss Bailey and also recently graduated from Bismarck Henning Rossville Alvin. She currently attends DACC taking general courses.

One of our employees for a year now, she is quiet and still learning the ropes with the After School Minions!

Ms. Shirley

ASP Coordinator

Miss Caitlin Slevin

ASP Coordinator

Ms. Shirley is retired, a couple times now, but wanted something to keep her mind busy. So she joined us!

Born and raised in the area, she is now a widow who is blessed to have nieces, nephews, and siblings all close by when she needs a hand.

Miss Caitlin started with us in the Fall of 2023. Her stepmom and two older siblings all earned BlackBelts through us when they were younger.

Caitlin has three children and calls Westville her home.