Martial Arts Summer Camp

Entering our sixth year of Summer Camp, we can't wait to get started! Themed activities, field trips to local businesses, and lots of outdoor and classroom time keep the kids busy, active, and most importantly, learning. Our campers rotate in groups of divided by TaeKwonDo rank and age. They rotate through a thirty-minute class four days a week, two organized activities and get to help make and eat a snack in the morning. While lunch is being prepared it's time for fresh air with outdoor playtime in our newly acquired and built park across the street. After lunch, it's an hour of TV/down time, then back into activities until parents arrive in the afternoon. Some days we move class to the afternoons so we can go hiking, wading in the river, touring a local business, or go on a field trip.

We are at FULL CAPACITY for the 2022 summer.