Instructors & Leadership Students

Mr. John Kruger & Jennifer Kruger
- Mr. & Mrs. Kruger are the owners of the Danville school

Mr. Kruger is a 5th Degree Black Belt, Certified Instructor.  Mr. Kruger was the 2005 Illinois State Champ in Sparring, 17-29 Men Division & 2013 State Champ in Combat.  Mr. Kruger holds certification in PPCT Knife Defense and Train the Trainer. He is a native of Danville, a graduate of Danville High School, and left his full time employment in early 2013 to run the school full-time. John is also a student of Red Dragon Japanese Jujitsu where he holds a blue belt, and enjoys ground fighting, playing cards, and computer games.

Mrs. Kruger is a 3rd Degree Black Belt and Certified Instructor. Mrs. Kruger was Illinois State Champ in Forms & Sparring, 17-29 Women Division, in 2006. Mrs. Kruger holds certification in PPCT Disruptive Student Management and Bullying Prevention. She was born and raised in Danville, a graduate of Danville High School, and DACC with an Associate’s in Marketing.  She also holds an Associates Degree in Mortuary Science thru McAllister Institute of New York.  Jen enjoys to read Stephen King and romance novels, travel to warm and exotic places, and has a hard time saying no! She currently is an eleven year member and president elect of Danville Sunrise Rotary, a members of Danville Ambucs, secretary of Vermilion County Funeral Director's Association, current secretary and past president of Danville Executive Club, and a member of the Landmark Credit Union Board, as well as Chair of the Supervisory Committee. When she is not at the school she can be found at her other business, Kruger-Coan-Pape Funeral Home in which she is the owner and Funeral Director/Embalmer. 
Mr. Robert Finley-  Mr. Bob as the kids call him is a Certified Trainee Instructor and 3rd Degree Black Belt. His wife and son are also former instructors and Black Belts.  Joining for the excercise, it wasn't long before he felt his competitive edge come out. Mr. Finley is the 2010 Illinois State Champ in Sparring & Form, 50-59 Mens Division,  2011 Illinois State Champ in Sparring and Form, 50-59 Mens Division, and 2012 Illinois State Champ as both a color belt in Sparring, Form & Weapons, and as a Black Belt in Sparring & Form.  He was 2013 Illinois State Champ in all three divisions as well, and made World Top Ten in 2013-earnign 3rd in the World in Combat Sparring. Nowadays Mr. Bob mainly attends testings, special events, and assists with seminars as he recently underwent Open Heart Surgery and Hernia Surgery. 
Mr. Christopher Adkins- Christopher is a Certified Trainee Instructor and a 3rd Degree Black Belt-and yes he uses a walker.  Christopher was our first Special Abilities Student, being born with a condition called Mitochondial Disease. He is 21 years old and attends DACC in their Culinary Arts Program. He graduated from DHS and worked for a short time through Work Source. Christopher was 2012 Illinois State Champ in Form & Sparring, 12-14 year old, Boys Special Abilities, 2013 Illinois State Champ in Form, Weapons & Sparring, 12-14 Year Old Boys Special Abilities, and was World Top Ten in 2014 earning the honor of 2014 World Champ in Form! He enjoys volunteering for the monthly Food Basket program at St. James Church and likes traveling to the beach.

Mr. Gabriel Marlow- Gabriel is a 3rd Degree Black Belt and a Certified Trainee Instructor.  He works as an ASP staff member and a regular nightly instructor, enjoys teaching the kids classes, and can also be found at Mrs. Kruger's funeral home helping out part-time. He was a transfer student when we assumed classes at the YMCA. He can also be found playing video games, watching movies, and playing card games. Mr. Gabe recently bought his first house in Danville!

Mr. Kenny Merrill- Kenny started with us when he was 3 years old and has never left since. Now a big brother to an ornery red headed four year old sister in our program, he has became an awesome Junior Instructor in late 2016. Kenny helps out with our summer camp program and is great leading the students in organized sports and activities. Attending Bismarck schools, he has expanded his sports enthusiasm to include Basketball, Football, Wrestling, and Game Club as well. He can often be found playing Fort Nite.

Photo Coming Soon!   Mr. Garrett Williford- Garrett is a 3rd Degree Black Belt, a Trainee Instructor, and  he lives in Danville with his parents and a little sister. He has been a member of our school since 2012 and has a great sense of humor, a willingness to work hard, and is cautious enough for all of us! Garrett attends DHS where he recently earned his driver's license and is an active, longtime member of the Marching Band. 

Ms. Wendy Richards- Wendy began with our program six years ago when she enrolled both of her sons. Now adults, only one still attends, but we hired Ms. Wendy as an ASP & Day Camp volunteer. Wendy lives in Danville with her husband, three kids, and her first grandchild who is a current Tiger student, and is a Licensed Daycare Provider in Illinois. She is a Trainee Instructor.

Mr. Ashton Norwell- Ashton was a month shy of his thirteenth birthday when he passed away in early 2010.  He has been with our school since 2005, and was preparing to test for 2nd Degree Recommended Black Belt, and become an instructor.  Born with a bad heart, his body failed him on April 26th, 2010 at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. Though we will always miss him, Ashton is now in Heaven working out with Eternal Grand Master with a heart pure as gold, as good as new.
Photo Coming Soon!        Mr. Wade Bryant- Wade is a 3rd Degree Black belt and a Leadership student. He has been part of our Special Abilities Program since 2010. Wade was born with a heart defect, ADHD, multiple learning disabilities and numerous ticks, but has never let it stop him from doing what he wants. Wade graduated from Danville High School, works at Work Source, and lives at home with his parents and two siblings. He became an uncle in 2016.

Miss Katie Adkins- Pee Wee as she is affectionately known to many of us, was on the mats as soon as she could walk, as she followed Mrs. Kruger around and mimicked everything she did! Taking the title of our youngest Black Belt, she began classes at age 2 and hasn't stopped since. Currently she is a 2nd Degree BlackBelt, and she began in our Leadership Program in 2016. Her goal now is State Champ on her uniform. Her big brother is Christopher.

Photo Coming Soon!    Mr. A.J. Esteves- AJ is our newest instructor and is very excited about learning the ropes! He was set a goal by Mr. Kruger this summer and achieved it in three short months! AJ is a color belt student, has been attending with us for about a year, and lives with his mom (also an ASP employee and his pug Nicky in Danville and attends Danville Upper Elementary.

Photo Coming Soon!    Miss Paige Lipa- Paige is a leadership student and attends Warren Central schools. She is a 1st Degree Black Belt and has attended classes since she was five years old. Her family lives in the Covington area, where her Dad is an electrician and her mom is a nursing school student. Paige enjoys cheering, swimming and also takes piano lessons.

Photo Coming Soon!    Mr. Ian Fitzgerald- Mr. Ian is a soon-to-be 2nd Degree Recommended Black Belt and has been attending with us for nearly four years! He attends Schlarman Academy and has both an older sister who just left for college and a younger brother who now attends with us as well! His Daddy is a pilot (super cool job), and Ian is an amazingly dedicated and hard working student who always shows up to every class he is scheduled to help with.

Photo Coming Soon!    Miss Faith Wright- Miss Faith is a former student of ours from YEARS ago, a first degree black belt, and is now back as an ASP employee! She is a 2019 graduate of Schlarman and DACC and has been attending Eastern IL University working towards a degree in Special Education. She will complete that degree in late 2021 and has now decided to attend mortuary school and take after Mrs. Kruger. Faith is very intelligent, enjoys working with children, has lots of patience and a great imagination, and is very involved with her family's business as well as Danville Ambuc's.

Photo Coming Soon!    Miss Logan Reavill - Logan is a 2020 graduate of Bismarck Henning Rossville Alvin and a part-time student at DACC. She lives in Danville with her mom and brother, and has two older siblings as well. She is part of our ASP and Summer Camp staff and also works at Andi Mae's in Bismarck during the summer.

Photo Coming Soon!    Mr. Elijah Brown- Elijah is a recommended blackbelt and a newly collared Junior Trainee Instructor. He attends Liberty School where he is an honor student. He lives with his parents and his older sister in Danville, loves spending time with his Grandma, and is an avid baseball player. His goal in life is to own a TaeKwonDo school and be like Mr. Kruger. 

Photo Coming Soon!    Ms. Sarah Calderon- Sarah is a Georgetown High School graduate and Georgetown resident. She enjoys working and spending time with her friends. Oh and she loves babies that she can give back when she's done! In her spare time she works a second job- right now she is in between.

Photo Coming Soon!    Ms. Ashley Metz- Ms. Ashley has two sons that are active in our program and is preparing to welcome a little girl in December of 2019. She lives in Georgetown and is an animal, nature, and child lover. She left her job at the Polyclinic for something a little more flexible, secure, and that lets her play!

Photo Coming Soon!  Miss Bailey Taylor- Bailey is a First Degree Blackbelt and Trainee Instructor. She has a little girl and lives in Georgetown. As a graduate of Seeger, she also holds a cosmetology license. She works ALL the time- both here and at Little Caesars, and enjoys spending any extra time with her little girl.

Photo Coming Soon!  Ms. Jackie Esteves- Ms. Jackie left a longtime career at CCMSI to go back to school and enter into the world of healthcare! She is down to one semester of classes and then she is ready to apply for her program of choice-she's leaning towards Radiology. She thought this would be a great part time job and we love having her here! She is great with schoolwork, controlling the crowd, and firm when she needs to be. She has a huge heart and loves animals. Her son AJ is a recommended blackbelt and also a leadership student. 

Photo Coming Soon!  Miss Sydney Merrill- Syd as she's affectionately called by those that know her best, is the littlest sister of Mr. Kenny! She attends Bismarck Elementary and has a super big heart. She can be ornery and opinionated, a little sneaky at times, but she works hard at all she does and thrives on being given responsibility. Syd is working towards her Black Belt and preparing to enter into the world of tournaments!

Photo Coming Soon!  Mr. Kyler Lowe- Kyler is a recommended black belt and the son of Ms. Ashley! He attends with his little brother Bransyn and his little sister Gracelynn who just turned 1 is usually running around as well. Kyler is a Junior Trainee who likes to help with the Tigers. His goal is blackbelt!

Photo Coming Soon!  Mr. Javier Vasquez Jr- Javier is a color belt rapidly approaching blackbelt and a Trainee Instructor! He has played football for the past several years, but has decided he wants to focus on his martial arts only now. He lives in Catlin with his Dad and siblings.

Photo Coming Soon!  Mr. Connor Riley- Connor is one of our newer recruits! He is a Junior Trainee Instructor who lives in Westville with his parents and his little sister. He attends Westville schools and enjoys playing all sports, but especially baseball and football. He is a color belt, likes to spar, and enjoys weapons as well.

Photo Coming Soon!  Mr. Martin Lipa- Martin is a Trainee Instructor and a 1st Degree BlackBelt. He started classes with his three grandchildren and has never looked back. His next goal- to get as far as he can. Martin owns multiple businesses- an auction house, a pawn shop, and a construction company to name just a few. He lives in Indiana with his wife Mary, and spends his spare time with his grandchildren. His newest challenge-coaching soccer-again- after a long hiatus!