Bullying Prevention Program

Mrs. Kruger has been a Certified Bullying Prevention Specialist with the ATA since June of 2011.  Based on the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, our 12 step program focuses on empowering children and making them more aware and more confident.  Though we teach it weekly in our classes, the program can also be brought into any school, after school program, girl scout or boy scout function, or community group. 
As martial arts instructors we often hear people say that they don't believe in teaching their children to fight.  Actually the truth of the matter is that children who take martial arts feel more confident in themselves and therefore don't have to fight, and in addition are less likely to be the victim of a bully because they believe in themselves.  We teach children self control, distance, and respect.  From there they learn self-defense, and the discipline of taekwondo.  Each of our students-from the youngest at 2 1/2 to the oldest (currently 70 years old), are taught when to use their martial arts skills.  TaeKwonDo is an art, Self Defense a staple of life, and Self Control the most important tool you can ever instill in your child. 
Please make sure that anyone teaching your children are certified.  Click here to search for certified bullying prevention instructors...
Parents, Educators, and Friends, please feel free to download and look through our material below.  These are pieces we use in all of our seminars. They are specifically designed to promote thinking and conversation between children and their parents/guardians.  Don't be afraid to talk to your kids! Communication is a very important key.
Jen Kruger,
Nov 16, 2011, 10:01 AM